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Heads up: if you try to install the Mac version via the Itch app, the only download it will offer is the soundtrack, even if you navigate to the downloads page within Itch and select the correct Mac build.

I'm confused. I followed the brown ships to the wall, assuming maybe they'd start shooting there, but nothing happened. Should I have shot first and asked questions later? Nothing implies the brown ships are malicious...

Okay, so the timer ran out and I flew around for a really long time before deciding to shoot my gun once, at which point the cycle reset and the message I got at the start of the next one talked about how I "take a few more of them with me each time". I mean yeah, flying along the wall definitely means the drones die...

Hi!  I can't wait to play but I was unable to get the Mac version to launch on a M1 Mac running Big Sur.  Has anyone got tips for getting it to work on one of the new macs?


I really enjoyed the game and included it in my second Hidden Gems Video. A like/subscribe would help me a ton to continue with this series <3


I'm playing Steam version.
I love this game, so cool! Fantastic music and great challenge. It keeps you pushing for a high score!

My best score: 17978


Thanks! Spotted your video last night 🙂 nice score!


Controls suck. No one does asteroids controls in shmups anymore for a reason. Making your shots influence movement was an even worse idea.

Upgrades only occurring when you beat your high score means that the better you do the worse off you are.

No explanation as to where ally forces are coming from. They can't be other fighters because I was separated from the fleet according to the game description. Only until first upgrade you find out they're drones.

No clear goal to advance to. Existing plot and gameplay not enough to carry player to vague goal of "see what happens."

Damage system not clear. Smoking and beeping are not an acceptable substitute for a health bar, especially in a game in which how much health you have left is a deciding factor in how to approach an encounter.

tl;dr there isn't enough here to be fun.

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Surprising little gem. Asteroids style space shooter that quickly throws you into the fray. Clean graphics, frantic action, challenging gameplay. The main draw is besting your own highscore, but as simple as it seems at first, the game actually throws some cute little touches at you in form of the way it tells its story and the upgrades you unlock. Fun game. Could use a bit more visual variety, but I really enjoyed this one even if the mechanics/difficulty might not be everyones cup of tea. 4/5

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Thanks for your kind words Toma! It means a lot to us.


I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.  I can't leave the area.  There are no enemies (unless I start shooting first, but why would I?).  I guess I can keep waiting?

I'm playing Mac version.

For some reason, whenever I take enough damage, my ship keeps drifting while smoking forever, and I can't do anything else. Not even the esc key works. Don't know what to do.


this happened to me as well! Bummer bc it looked very fun.


Yep, the Linux build I tried seems to do this as well. I let the clock run out to see what would happen, but it just kept counting into negative seconds, negative minutes. I want to like it, but it's pretty trashy, even by games biz standards.


I played this on Steam. Very cool, but I never figured out how to win it.