The first person to solve the mystery of Cycle 28 gets every Pill Bug game – past, present, and future – for free

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

The first person who solves the mystery of Cycle 28, unlocks the game’s final achievement, and emails the solution to will get the Pill Bug Golden ticket. The Golden Ticket will give you access to all Pill Bug games ever made, forever!

There are two sides to Cycle 28. On one hand there is the satisfying space combat which keeps you coming back to do just one more run. On it's own that will be enough for most people, but we wanted to put something extra in for players who love a mystery. That's where the second side of Cycle 28 comes in, a community-driven puzzle which may require some international collaboration.

Since this will be a community effort the Golden Ticket winner will also be able to nominate up to five players who helped them in their quest for answers. Those nominated players will receive exclusive Cycle 28 rewards and content.

Not all of the clues have been made available yet, so press and beta testers do not have an unfair advantage (looking at the leaderboard they are too busy trying to beat each others' high scores anyway). The final clues will be carefully positioned on Friday when the game releases.

Cycle 28 won’t be easy. It won’t be quick. But that’s okay. You’re not going anywhere.

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