Cycle 28: from school book doodle to indie game in just 22 years

Cycle 28 has left early access! You can buy it now for $4.49/£3.59/€4.49 (which is 10% off for this week).

To prepare us for launch day Dave and I made some coffee and talked about what it's like launching a game in 2018...

This game is a love letter twenty-two years in the making. I first started sketching ideas for a space shooter after watching the epic dogfights in Return of the Jedi. I’d doodle on my school books and imagine I was one of the x-wing pilots. But it wasn’t until I played Vlambeer’s awesome Luftrausers that those dogfight-dreams came back to me, and I finally finished that letter.

I also didn’t do it alone. I got someone on board to tell the pilot’s story (that’s Dave - watch the video below to see how he got involved). Then we commissioned a fantastic artist, Ace Volkov, to do some concept art - with a name like his it was a no brainer. Our soundtrack guy, Jordan Rees, actually approached us after seeing our previous game. He lives in Cardiff too, so we met up for a pint and immediately clicked.

If you want to see how the game plays, check out the video below by Nautical Soap

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