Cycle 28 Launch Week Wrap Up

It's been a hectic week here at Pill Bug HQ. There have been ups and downs. We first want to thank our amazing community for being there for us throughout everything. It has been exciting watch things heat up on the leaderboard,  rivalries have already formed on twitch and on the discord. 

We have seen an amazing number of YouTubers and steamers play the game, so many that we decided to make an highlight reel to say thank-you. 

Apologies to those who we couldn't fit in this short video. Everyone has been fantastic! Please, please, go support the great channels featured in that video. One video that wasn't included in that highlight reel was Brave Sir Oingo who made the amazing video review below.

For the final video of the week, after spending most of the week sat on the couch watching other people play Cycle 28, Dave and I decided we needed to play it ourselves and show you guys how it's done.

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