What’s got PC gamers looking for their library cards?

This is a press release we sent out yesterday...

Players are signing up to their local library to uncover the secrets of an arcade shooter and solve a mysterious ARG

  • Players working together to solve puzzle for 3 months since launch

  • First person to solve puzzle will win all Pill Bug Games for life

  • Community believe book spotted in a menu screen could be the key

CARDIFF, 29th May, 2018 - For the last week players of Cycle 28, Pill Bug Interactive’s latest release, have been talking books! Whether it’s buying them or borrowing them from a library, the Cycle 28 community are trying to hunt down copies of James Smythe’s The Explorer in the hope of solving the game’s tricky mystery. Finding Smythe’s book appears to be a big breakthrough in the community’s 3 month-long struggle to understand just what is happening to Flight Lieutenant Olivia Bergen, the game’s main character, and how they can rescue her from what reviewers have called, “Groundhog Day in space”.  

Here are some highlights from our community’s Discord discussion from the last week:

"I actually went to a library to sign up yesterday and search for the book. It was closed.”
“In any case, I have a copy of the paperback on order, but it's going to take a while to arrive.”
“I doubt they'd expect us to buy the book to solve the puzzle.”
“Might be worth actually reading the book too, might have some parallels to the game.”

In case the thrill of discovery wasn’t motivation enough, Pill Bug are offering a Golden Ticket to the first player who solves the mystery, unlocks the game’s final achievement, and emails them the solution. The Golden Ticket gives the player free Pill Bug games for life! But, because this will be a community effort the Golden Ticket winner will also be able to nominate up to five players who helped them in their quest for answers. Those nominated players will receive exclusive Cycle 28 rewards and content.

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