Beta Dev Shoot-Out Run 6 - Sean is AWOL

“Talk to me, Goose.”


If you listen hard enough in this week’s Beta Dev Shoot-Out, you might be able to hear me whisper these iconic words as I tackle a scoring run in Cycle 28 . . . alone.


No, don’t worry, Sean didn’t suffer a catastrophic neck-and-head injury whilst ejecting from Cycle 28. He’s got the flu. So, I had to fly without my wingman, my foil, my motivation for pushing himself to get better. Be better.


How did it go?


You’ll have to watch the video to find out:


But I’ll say this much: I think I did enough to make Sean, and Goose, proud.


We want to hear from all the pilots out there! Come share your flight stories with us on Twitter (@pillbugint), or Facebook, or Discord:


Last week, one pilot did just that. Ben, from the TankedUp and Out of Lives podcasts gave us his first impressions of Cycle 28 in this video: 

Thanks, Ben! There’s still time before launch to work on that flyin’, Lieutenant!

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