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You’re a ladybug building a marvellous contraption to travel from one side of America to the other. Bounce around your vehicle, hoisting sails, squeezing bellows, and spinning propellers. How will you make it home?

Design and engineer your vehicle. What you build, and where, matters. Discover new components and your favourite combinations along the way.

Bounce around a vehicle of your design. Will you collect every coin? Will your catapult get you to the bellows? Or will you master the propeller?

Pick your route across the USA, getting to know quirky animal friends (and foes) along the way. Explore the interactive narrative written by David Towsey (The Walkin' Trilogy, Widow's Welcome) while the original sound track by Jordan Rees (Composer of trailer music for The Mummy [Universal Pictures], Mother [Paramount Pictures], The Defenders [Marvel Studios]) keeps you in the mood for a road trip.

Making it Home is currently in development. We will be releasing the game on itchio (DRM free) and Steam at the same time. You can follow us on twitter @PillBugInt to keep up with development. 

We love itch but it would help us get more people to find our game if you were able to wishlist and follow us on steam as well here.

Download demo

Pre-release demo/beta Linux Build 434 MB
Pre-release demo/beta Windows Build 434 MB

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Pretty cool game! The soundtrack is really soothing and fun! 

1) Why are some choices in yellow, do they mean anything like default? 2) It can use some more brightness and a zoom in/out function on the journey screens.


Thanks! (1) No, they are just the first selected - mainly for people using a controller. (2) Yeah, we are going to add some stuff related to this.