Making it Home is Out Now!

Making it Home launches today!

You can now test your creativity, engineering and vehicle building skills against the full range of routes, obstacles, and boss encounters. In doing so, you’ll unlock brand new achievements and challenge modes. 

With the full branching narrative available, will you uncover the truth behind what’s happening to this ladybug and her animal family? And what relationships will you make or break along the way?   

Here at Pill Bug we’re pinching ourselves. It’s been three amazing but challenging years developing this game. We couldn’t be prouder of what the whole team has achieved. And we couldn’t have done it without the help and support of our community of gamers here on itch. Thank you all.   

And as a reward, here are all those juicy day 1 patch notes we know you folks love:

Improvements and New Content

Added the final encounter of the game.

Added story to Act 3 and changed dialogue in several places in Act 1 and Act 2.

Lots of new achievements.

Changed which legs in the final act require you to be "on time".

Upgraded all third party APIs and libaries to latest versions.

The player's velocity now decreases gradually when leaving a moving platform.

Physics of the propellor and turbines has been improved.

Performance of the portal panel has been improved.

Performance of the in-game UI has been improved.

Memory requirement of the electric fans has been reduced.

The thrust UI in each panel now only updates when the panel is visible, this improves overall performance in the game.

Screenshake effect now based on distance squared from the game event which caused it.

Removed the camera shift when the vehicle accelerates.

The way that music is played and triggered in leg has been changed.

The cursor sprite has been improved.

The co-op camera indicator is now a sprite rather than text.

The co-op camera indicator now moves towards where the player currently is rather than where the player was when control is passed.

Objects which fall below the vehicle are now destroyed to improve performance.

You are now told if you are ahead or behind schedule when asked to do a shift in the diner.

Added warning sprites which tell you when a hazard is effecting your vehicle off camera.

Improved the honey effects.

An arrow now directs the player to push honeycombs to the workshop.

The permanant unlock blueprint screen is now a different colour to highlight something is different.

Added sound effects to the teleport grenade.

Improved visual effect of teleport grenade.

Changed to incremental garbage collection to improve performance.

Added end credits.

Balance Changes

Reduced the number of drones in drone legs by 30%.

Reduced length of all encounder legs by 25%.

Increased base thrust of steam engine from 15 to 20.

Added more blueprint vendors in Acts 2 and 3.

Increased cost of rockets from $50 to $100, thrust from 400 to 500.

Act progression is now blocked by number of stars collected. Through testing we found this improved the general pace and feel of the game as a whole - both from a narrative and gameplay perspective.

Drones now start appearing earlier in the leg in drone legs.

After your first run through Act 1 you are no longer garanteed to be offered a sail in LA.

Bee hives now automatically drop honey combs when your vehicle goes below them.

Increased par speed for every leg by 30%.

Bug Fixes

Wall jumping and attack now behaves the same on and off of the player vehicle.

The velocity calcuations of wind coming from electric fans was incorrect, it has now been corrected.

Carrots now detect vehicle hits based on a raycast rather than a collision, this means fewer carrots fly through the vehicle.

Reduced the hit box of the portal panel, in rare cases some objects were entering the portal through walls.

Fixed numerous bugs with the camera when the player leaves the vehicle.

Portals now know if they are on or off of the player vehicle and apply the appropriate velocity offset to the object exiting.

The camera controller now ensures the player always remains within frame.

The tutorial display now works in Act 3.

Fixed a bug which sometimes caused an infinite explosion loop with cherry bombs.

Panels can now be activated by either player in co-op regardless of the order they enter/exit them.

Fixed a bug where electricity calculations were incorrect after an electric panel was destroyed.

Stopped the balloon panel balloons from jumping at extreme accelerations. 

Fixed bug in the mothership leg which meant you sometimes never saw a mothership.

Mothership and drones spawn closer to the vehicle to reduce pathfinding errors.

Fixed a number of bugs in the dialogue.

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