Update 7 - Making it Home together

Hi everyone,

I'm super excited (as I always am) about this update - lets dive straight into the patch notes!

Local Co-op
Now I honestly can't remember if local co-op is something that we planned to add to the game, or if it was just a running joke in our weekly twitch stream... either way you can now make it home with a friend!

It is local co-op only, but we have enabled steam remote play together so you will be able to play with a friend remotely if you activate your steam key. The whole lockdown thing has made testing this feature really difficult, I've essentially been playing with myself... so it is coming in hot. I think I've found all the places where two players might cause issues and fixed it - but if I've missed any let me know in the usual places.

At the moment we have limited it to two players, but based on your feedback we could extend it to more - my gut feeling is that two players makes sense because of the focus on building design.

To get co-op working simply plug in a second controller and hit a button when in the driving part of the game. You can assign a controller to player two in the controls menu - this is important if you want player 1 to use keyboard and player 2 to use a controller. When playing there is a single shared camera, but you can switch who the camera follows on the fly.

Looking forward to hearing what you all think of this - will it change the way you design vehicles?

Balance Changes
Drones and motherships spawn closer to vehicle.
Mothership objective now spawns 3 motherships.
Laser components can now overheat and explode depending on laser length.
Pea shooters now kill drones.
Carrots are no longer killed by a single pea but need multiple hits.
Cherry bombs now destroyed by peas.
Teleport grenades now destroyed by peas.
Smoke grenades now destroyed by peas.
Increased pea shooter spread.

Bug Fixes
Music volume would sometimes go to zero at extreme high speeds - this is now fixed.
Particle system in wind effect now resets in initialise - occasionally the wind particle effect would disappear. This fixes that.
Fixed bug where collectables appeared in front of smoke effects.

Improvements and Other Changes
Improved memory management of wind produced by fans.
Updated Unity3D engine and all third party libraries.
Reduced max number of particles emitted from wheels.
Reduced number of particles the player emits.
Improved memory management in vehicle logic.
Added particle effects to sails.
Added light to all internal panels - intensity is related to vehicle speed.
Wheels now glow at high speeds as they heat up.
Solar panel emits sparks when it is at full effectiveness.
Added light to electricity meter.
Thrust text can now change colour based on active synergies.
Thrust text now easier to read.
Added particle effect to bellows.
Added particles to catapult launch.
Added some screen shake to catapult.
Added sparks to turbine.
Added dust to propeller and turbine.
Added wind poof effect to electric fans.
Added launch effect particles and screen shake to trampoline.
Added particle effects and screen shake to bumpers.
Added screen shake and smoke effect to cannons.
Added water particle effect to water panels.
Added light to steam engine display.
Pea shooter gun barrel now smokes.
Added panel light to pea shooter.
Added screen shake to pea impact.
Added hit effect to peas.
Added better light effect to explosions.
Added squash and stretch animation to peas.
Added glow to laser.
Changed laser end light effect.
Improved headlights visuals.
Added visual effects and animation to rocket engine.
Rockets make the camera shake when they fire.
Corrected flywheel animation speed and added sparks.
Added light effect to coin collection.
Added light effects to gravity well and anti gravity well.
Sound of bellows impact now depends on speed of impact.
Added a wind sound effect to bellows.
Targeting of pea shooter significantly improved.


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Feb 28, 2021
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Feb 28, 2021

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