Holiday Update

Happy Holidays everybody!

Wherever you are I hope you are able to have a little bit of a break over the coming weeks. To help you relax and get into the holiday spirit here is a plump content update for Making it Home! With this update our philosophy was to just make stuff for you to play with. We have introduced a bunch of new panels which we don't know how you're going to use - and we can't wait to see what you do with them!

Patch Notes

New Content

  • New Panel: Boulder Press
  • New Panels: Universal Switches
  • New Panels: Switchable Diagonal Floors
  • New Panels: Pinball flippers
  • New Panels: Garage Doors
  • New Panel: Trap Door
  • New Seasonal Sprites for Winter.
  • Co-op is now possible with up to 4-players. This is pretty experimental, and kinda dumb - have fun with it!


  • You can now zoom the camera in and out. You might need to reset your control bindings to get this to work.
  • Updated to latest version of Unity3D 2019 LTS
  • The direction propellers are turned due to wind has been reversed. This means that the balls which are blown by wind will no longer block them from turning.
  • Changed the position and wording of the save/load vehicle in blueprint mode. This is an attempt to get more people using the workshop.
  • Lots of performance improvements. Some vehicle designs are seeing a 6 times increase in framerate with this patch. In particular vehicles which rely on balls.

Bug Fixes

  • Some of the ball panels would not correctly spawn all their balls. This has been fixed.
  • Ball bearings can no longer spawn into themselves or other objects.
  • Fixed the centre of mass of the ball bearings, they now correctly behave like balls.
  • Portals would sometimes transport the cake ingredient on top of the drones causing strange looking behaviour. This has been fixed.

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Dec 20, 2021

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