Making it Home Version 1.0 Launch Date

Launch news!

It’s really happening, our little ladybug is finally ready to go home... Making it Home is finished! 

We’re all set to launch on Friday 3rd September on itchio for PC and Linux.

What’s new?

Those of you who have already been playing Making it Home in early access will find plenty of new story, new challenge modes, obstacles and bosses, and lots more besides. For those trying Making it Home for the first time, you’ll be able to put your creativity to the test as your ladybug builds a vehicle to get from one side of America to the other, all in time for her daughter’s birthday.

It’s been a long road

For over three years we’ve been developing this game, which is the biggest project we (the two person team here at Pill Bug) have ever taken on. From gameplay, to art, to music and narrative this has been a huge challenge for us, and we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve managed to put together for this game. We’ve had some amazing help along the way, from composer Jordan Rees and artists Hannah, Ace Volkov, and Goodname Digital Art Studio.

We can’t wait to see the vehicles everyone builds, and the choices you all make along the way. Will you be Making it Home?

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