Update 6 - Drones, Motherships and Workshop Integration!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm super excited about todays update - update number 6 which we anticipate to be the last major update before we release version 1.0! Thanks for everyone who continues to support us through early access.

If you haven't picked the game up yet now is a great time to join us by buying the game. If you do it here on itchio you'll get a DRM free version plus a Steam Key to access the workshop content!

New Content

Drones: For a while we've been thinking about adding more active hazards and enemies to the game and this patch sees that thinking take shape with drones. These are flying vehicles which will chase your vehicle and drop all sorts of nasty stuff on you. But don't worry, simply grab the cake ingredient they are carrying to send them spinning out of control!

Smoke grenade: With the drones we've added some toys for them to drop onto you. The first of which is a simple smoke grenade which you'll start seeing towards the end of Act 1. It's hard keeping those sails up when you can't see them eh?

Act 3: With Update 6 comes Act 3! Lots of new objectives and some new mechanics on the map screen itself. We have not finished the story yet, or the final boss fight - but we wanted you all to have a play with the new mechanics and see what you think...

Motherships: One of the Act 3 objectives is the mothership leg. Be prepared for motherships as big as your own vehicle trying to slow you down. To destroy them you'll have to jump inside and explore to find all the cake ingredients.

Harpoon Guns: How do the motherships slow you down? Well they fire flipping harpoons at you that's how!! Also watch out for harpoon drones...

Teleport grenade: In Act 3 everything is getting a little sci-fi - which you would have noticed from the panels we introduced in the lasers update. The teleport grenades dropped from drones are using some super high tech ... tech to mess with your vehicle. When they explode they will shuffle the panels around in your vehicle - so get ready to adapt and rebuild on the fly!

Workshop Support: We added workshop support which you'll be able to access by activating your steam key...  This is something the community has been asking for and I've been figuring out how to do for months and months. In the blueprint screen you can click save/load designs (another new feature) and you can save designs and upload them to the workshop. Anything you have subscribed to will then automatically be downloaded and you can load them from there. The game automatically creates a thumbnail and tags your vehicles for you, but you can edit everything on the workshop itself from within the steam client. Have a play, let us know what you think. I'm so excited to start downloading your vehicle designs!

Balance Changes

  • Changed lengths and par speeds of all legs.
  • Changed cost of unlocking challenge modes based on additional stars available in act 3.
  • Reduced the maximum height of balloons in the balloon objective in act 1.
  • Increased cost of sails to $10.
  • Reduced thrust of steam engines from 20 to 15.
  • Drag coefficient now based on logarithmic relationship to allow bigger vehicle designs.
  • Increased price of propeller and turbine to $40.
  • You no longer unlock a new blueprint every truck stop in story mode. This was overwhelming for new players.
  • When you are given a choice to unlock a blueprint you will now always have one thrust panel and one utility panel from the act you are in, plus an additional random panel from the act you are in and previous acts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where wheels would come off during act 2 boss fight.
  • Fixed bug where boulder spawns into player and traps her.
  • Fixed bug which occasionally stopped player from jumping on moving objects.
  • Fixed bug where the headlights panel was still referencing some old assets from beta.
  • Fixed bug where bees could push you through the floor.

Improvements and Other Changes

  • Updated all third party APIs.
  • Added drone legs to act 1 and 2.
  • The size of all grenade hazard sprites has been decreased.
  • Music now plays throughout entire leg, volume changes based on vehicle speed.
  • You can now jump (and wall jump) on propellers and turbines - but still get fired through them by a cannon.
  • Changed almost all objectives in act 1 and 2.
  • Added act 2 and 3 variants of the bridge and balloon tower objectives.
  • Changed the idle animation speed of player character - this changes based on your vehicle's speed.
  • Completely revamped the camera controller to add more effective screen shake.
  • Increased opacity of the map in the map screen to make it easier to read.
  • Added tutorial messages in truck stops.
  • You can now save and load vehicle designs in the blueprint mode.
  • Added all the new objectives to the challenge modes as possible daily challenges.
  • Added a number of new achievements.
  • You now collect cake ingredients from bridge legs.
  • Balloons are now bigger.
  • Added a custom mouse cursor.


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